When Does PR Make a Difference?

When you’re exhausted. When you feel overwhelmed and have no more time for press releases, when media partners delay your collaboration agreements, when suppliers are too much and when you stop and see there’s no time to run your business. It’s then you often start to use a PR or a professional public image company. Perhaps that shouldn’t be the case and from the very beginning, PR ought to be included in the plan. But this is the way it happens in our country, or at least with young entrepreneurs who think they can do so much with a small initial budget, and not only. There are many entrepreneurs, people opening small businesses for merchandise, art sales, personal creations and fear PR madness. You may smile, but when you notice a young person armed with a tablet, smartphone always at hand, talking to himself in the street or during his coffee break, who developed like a new android species, more advanced than any iPhone and who worships his Notebook and wireless internet, and only speaks in questions: when, who, how, how much, and why; well then, now you know the cause. And if God forbid you ask him out, for a flirt, a concert, some social gathering, you’ll just get something similar to a slot machine- when you pull his hand, his eyes will show Deadline instead of lemons. OK, we mostly kid, but in all fairness, only people in the branch understand their world, and organizers who know that without PR, you’re a dead man. Why do we need them and why are they necessary? So that we focus on the passion of our business, or project, the art form or idea that needs space and development concept, but it’s not enough that it exists on a company or campaign level. When we set off on a project, after having established and organized the framework, people, teams and connexions come to fill up with ‘muscles’ the anatomy of a single idea. But I believe we all know what it’s like to make a business, and also when promotion is needed. And then you try, talk to friends, create a Facebook page, an Instagram, if you have the time and you’re already past the blog level. But there are so many other channels! And somebody needs to keep on writing, posting, letting people know about the things you do, stopping you from being cheap if you want success, and accept all sorts of partnerships, campaigns, sponsorships, competitions, ideas, each weirder than the other, but with a shocking impact on the larger public. Then you’re proud that your people came up with that original campaign that is stuck in your friends' and lots of other consumer’s heads. Don’t we sometimes we ask somebody to promote us a bit, write a piece, talk to a friend in the media, some bloggers to cover you and your project, and if they have the time, find new ideas for future campaigns. Well, that properly motivated somebody that can keep their stamina and quality of creativity is often times… a team. One teammate writes press releases, feeding the media with materials and partnerships, campaigns and friendly exchanges or agreements and ideas. One colleague performs brainstorming with two others to come up with something fresh and original so that people’s jaws drop when they hear of you and your business. Only good things, naturally! And then there’s the artist that comes with a concept and pulls out a kick-ass (not half-ass) logo and brand. A good team makes the difference when it comes to quality PR! And the organizers with legendary experience in the social online world of Instagram and twitter know very well that without specialists in this backstage kitchen, lots of festivals, events, campaigns and businesses would end up in an idea bank, to be used in future times when there’s a place and a budget for them. A good PR can bring you to primetime as quick as you say PR!

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