What a PR Does NOT Do

What a PR Does NOT Do…

 Well, in most cases. Because he’s always on the go, he can’t sit and have a coffee with friends, and be like a normal person, out on a sunny terrace, since he talks fast and it’s incomprehensive for those around, because to him, a deadline is the mother of all apocalypses and his eyes are always on the tablet or laptop, writing away and trying to persuade, via his earphones, an undecided client that he should do this and not that, so that he gets better traffic and his products get sold… so, to those around him, he’s not well 😉

What does a PR not do? He does not quit a project until he manages to bring it where he wants to bring it. If your lucky stars favor you and you get yourself an accountable and professional PR, then all you need to do is give him creative Freedom and cool campaigns to think about, and Trust. Lots and lots of Trust! Should you follow these small guidelines to get along with your PR, you’ll only see benefits.

He never wastes time. Any moment is right and perfect to get an idea, attempt a brainstorming or a campaign, or, why not, ‘hooking up’ a new client. A coffee out or a varnishing day meeting can lead to a new contract, if you have the right words, that is.

He cannot work for a project he doesn’t believe in. You can throw money at him, you can attempt campaigns and idea and concepts brainstorms, but if you take him as a quick fix, the result won’t be believable. You may try to sell the emperor’s new clothes, but if you yourself don’t see them, then you’d better not mention the seams.

He doesn’t waste nights. I mean literally, he doesn’t sleep. He makes up strategies, he does retouching, rethinking, and his notebook is always by his side in case new ideas for certain projects come to him. He writes, plans everything out, and he recovers or goes forward, by setting up new events, collaborations, connections between various projects or artists, depends on who works with whom. He’s always vigilant when he meets somebody, because you never know, a short networking session may lead to a superb collaboration. We might call him Cupid of projects, because he sometimes brings them together in such a way that makes you think those ideas or campaigns were meant to be.

He never goes offline. You never know when you may receive a collaboration e-mail because a friend recommended you to a future ‘catch’ to be promoted.

He never ever, but ever ever? turns off his phone. According to the same rule, he may get a call at any time, either by a new partner or because something’s going on with a project or the unforeseeable. Always on the job, even when he’s not in the office, a good PR knows how to foresee, how to predict anything, and always has a back-up plan, ‘cause plan B saves you from the morning after pill. He does always have a back-up and knows how to run his campaigns in a professional, selective manner, and always keep himself in charge of any campaign without seeming overwhelmed by any inadvertency that may occur.

He can only do the impossible. Maybe we’re a bit overreacting, it may seem so for a lot of people outside this ‘cult’. When you can’t find any idea or people for a campaign, the man somehow manages to pull out the winning idea.

And, most importantly, he does NOT organize! A PR guy is not a project manager, an event planner or a business person. We may consider him a small entrepreneur, but just for ideas, concepts, visions, campaigns and trust. It sounds Utopian, but these are the weapons of a good PR. He promotes, searches, brainstorms all the time, follows an idea to the very end, gathers cool people to work together on some project because first and foremost he believes in them and in the opportunity that the project comes out his teams hands perfectly, he watches and always puts his neck on the line for a project or client he believes in.

Because it’s worth it 😉

 If you can’t find someone to tell you: It’s worth it! Let’s do this! then you have no PR.