The Power of ‘Thank You’

Have you ever wondered about the weight a ‘Thank you’ carries?

Indeed, we are people of communication and we like to weigh our words so that they carry the right weight in the right context.

But back to ‘Thank you’, when does it carry more weight? When you offer it, or when you receive it? Most people think of it as heavy… too heavy to offer. Not us.

In these fast times, when we’re in a hurry to accomplish our tasks and start new ones, we usually ask. We ask of the employees, collaborators, colleagues, partners, clients, and so on. Most times, we need everything now or even the day before yesterday. It surely happens to you.

In order to build successful projects, we need to work as a team and be aware that the work of each of us counts and needs to be appreciated. When you know how to appreciate the things done by someone, they will be more open to do them again. And then what would be a better motivation than a frankly given ‘Thank you’?

We know that in order to be a good PR, one must excel at communication, negotiation, relating, and above all, good manners, protocol and diplomacy.

Meanwhile, we managed to form with our clients projects as well as lasting friendships, because each of us knew how to appreciate the other person’s work.

When you understand the power of a ‘Thank You’ in your relationship with the client or the service supplier, PR becomes (almost) the perfect activity. If you finish any e-mail, conversation, text message, etc. with a ‘Thank you’ or ‘I thank you’, you just make the world a better place.¬†At the same time, in order to be a good client for the PR folk, the value you convey their work comes down, most often than not, to a simple ‘Thank you’.

Now just think about it: how often do you thank your collaborators for their work? Do you end your e-mails with ‘Thank you’? Do you call your partners at the end of the project and tell them how important their support and involvement actually were?

Start today! Either you do it simply or in a creative fashion, you will see how powerful a ‘Thank you’ can be in building successful projects.

On that note, we Thank you for making time to visit our blog!