Successful PR-ing

Lately, we keep coming across more and more stories of people finding themselves only when they feel they have something to offer to their peers… When their work becomes more valuable than the limited aura of a task or activity field and starts yielding tangible effects for those around, for the community in general.
Here at the Comm-On Branding Lab, we like to believe that our work always manages to achieve the ‘wow’ factor. We especially rejoice when our clients themselves accept or propose that we build campaigns that would impact as many people as possible.
Each of us can measure success by a dozen different standards and patterns… to each their own. But what we consider as success is undoubtedly the positive outcome of an effort meant to change lives, educate, motivate society to rise a little higher and learn to provide for itself.
That being said, mentioning the #EatThis campaign, its positive outcome, its awards and recognition is no self-flattery. Although won’t deny that we’re thrilled either :) We lived it on Adi Hădean’s side, we fully felt the satisfaction of having contributed to the Government ruling that forbids smoking in enclosed public spaces, the honor of having repeatedly been awarded for the campaign, including by the United States’ Ambassador. It was a belief shared by thousands of people, an activity accounted for on different levels. Everyone ‘fought’ in their own rights to be part of a change we can now all enjoy!
What matters most is that now, in the end, we draw the line and consider our next step. We learned that we can, it’s much more rewarding to think up campaigns for people, and not just for numbers! We learned that together, we are strong, and together we can think up better future options.
It’s a crucial step forward, I feel, another way to make ourselves heard and stand out in a system where we want to make ourselves heard more and more. To me, the #EatThis campaign was a sign of maturity, a joy to discover that more and more of us care, in greater numbers, that people are waking up and realizing they ought to do more than just complain and point fingers. It’s a collective accomplishment which gives us the courage to continue this type of projects and that each of us contribute to real change“, said chef Adrian Hădean.
And because it’s the season of change, let us kick-start successful campaigns! Stick around, as advertisements say, to find out what it’s all about…