PR summer mood: holyCREATIVEdays

You think you are the only one who hasn't got the „on vacation” status on...every „living” SM account? Wrong!

It’s summer. Yey! Everybody has the mambo-jumbo-smiley-faces-all-sunny-and-new-holiday-is-coming-or-going-on-for-the-next-weeks face. Yes, we know, we are the ones who invented it :)!

Actually, we are the ones who make sure your business or personal image doesn’t rest when you rest. We keep them going and grow them while you disconnect your mobile devices. And yes, we answer your other phone, e-mails, Facebook messages, write birthday cards and blog stories, upgrade your LinkedIN profile etc.

Anything for your image. Even if that means no holiday for us. And no, we don’t hate you for that! :) Seriously, we don’t mind. On the contrary. It’s what we enjoy doing, it is the rush that keeps us happy and well rested, as if we were on holiday. And when a client calls to thank you for making his free days truely free, then…well, it’s like drinking Mojito on a beach! :) Seriously.

Summer is the time for engaging in new projects, most of which, of course, start in autumn, BUT you have to negotiate and plan them NOW. Like a busy ant, storing for the cold season…And a cold financial season it can be, indeed, if you are not careful to find new clients and plan their campaigns, or develop new and exciting campaigns for your on-going accounts. Summer is the time for brainstorming, planning and testing creative ideas to astonish your clients with brilliant autumn campaigns!

If you don’t believe us, just ask another fellow PR, he will tell you: when you have on-going campaigns and up-coming events, you simply cannot „take five” and leave them hanging until you come back from holiday. You simply can’t. Your body refuses to move from behind the laptop, your fingers seem glued to the keyboard, your ears refuse to let go of that precious new bluetooth, your smartphone is so smart that it keeps sending you „don’t go” MMS every 10 seconds. And then the fluffy cats your client loved to share on FB before you met him start talking to you.

And yes, this is either a breaking point in your awesome brainstorming, or… simply the point where you/we start thinking about a quick holiday?! :( Eh, well, sometimes even creative minds need a break….)

P.S. „See” you later, online! Don’t worry, we always take our laptops, iPads, iPhones, smartphones, smart tags, smart-thinking, smart…shoes with us!