Photo shoot through the eyes of a PR

Version 1

 Andrada’s Bit:

Position, spotlights, camera…shoot!

We had barely changed setting and we came out of the castle, in the sunlight, for the final frames. It was 5:30 p.m.

”What great lighting for photos! It matters so much to have good lighting.”, I exclaimed.

”Because that’s what photography is all about.”, Ionuț Mocan, professional photographer for Les Imaginaires.

”What do you mean?”

”Photo means lighting and graph/graphic to draw. Therefore photography is nothing more than drawing with light.

I don’t know if I had ever heard a more beautiful and expressive definition, visually speaking.

I posed for my friends, in amicable and less professional circumstances, but I always believed modeling was an art meant for those doing it in a professional manner. It’s the art of turning a 210 x 297 print into a full story, told via color and expressiveness.

What does modeling look like through the eyes of a person used to being behind the camera? For starters, I would like to make a comparison of the (photo shoot) details a PR and a model have to consider.


Details to settle / Model Version:

  • Schedule the date of photo shoot;
  • Research theme/attitudes;
  • Studying collection/concept message;
  • Make-up & hair-styling session;
  • Actual shooting: photo-acting.


Details to settle / PR Version:

  • Prepare barter/services framework;
  • Schedule date with photographers;
  • Schedule dates with models;
  • Book/ensure collection;
  • Book location;
  • Have a coffee;
  • Prepare concept and message;
  • Prepare/ensure setting;
  • Prepare mood boards;
  • Have two coffees;
  • Ensure transportation;
  • Prepare protocol for people involved;
  • Schedule models’ hairstyling & make-up;
  • Still water will do;
  • Shooting;
  • Suggestions and directions;
  • Latte macchiato;
  • Finishing/ Setting a delivery date;
  • Breath…

I tried to make the situation seem funny, but even if everything doesn’t go so rapidly, all the above-mentioned details must be checked. So, how was the photo shooting as a model, but with a PR eye? I managed to observe how much team-work actually matters.

The importance of every person involved giving 110% of their professionalism..

I would like to attach a photo.


What does it convey?

It tells me a love story, epic, historical… I see a kingdom, I see riches, traditions and a woman, a splendid queen, who carries in her eyes the agony of a betrayed love story. But that’s what I see.

My question is:

How could I have imagined the environment/kingdom without the authentic setting and which seems to resonate with the inner workings of the young queen?

How would I have concluded on the richness, the status of the character and historical era without the creation of the outfit’s designer (thank you Nadejda Iacubina), defined by unique details and an idealistic vision?

How could I have imagined the story of the character without the model’s artistic expressiveness? (Thank you Ruxandra for modeling and Salon Catwalk for make-up and hair-styling).

How would I have sen this whole concept without the PR suggesting it?

How would I be able to see the finished work without the photographer’s work? And the list may go on…

So, this is the image of a photo shooting through the eyes of a person used to sitting in the backstage: Behind a photo there is a story, and behind that story, there is a whole team who gave their best so that each detail is artistically lined out in a photographer’s game of drawing with light.