How to be visible

Sonia used to be a scientist but she’s O.K. now. She’s left, however, with a passion for lists, categories, tests, species, genres and missing links. With a relaxed and apparently immovable attitude, she communicates by using turbulent, innovative and unpredictable elements, developing a preference for everything out of the ordinary, for free and rebellious radicals, media nobody ever considers and messages that pop up long after brainstorming is finished. Also, she enjoys collecting brilliant ideas as much as she enjoys her Momiji dolls collection. Laura: When I feel like it taking it easy… I turn on my laptop and start writing whatever I can think of. Formulas with too many unknown variables, fragments of dialogues which mustn’t be forgotten, pieces of days or nights, experiences I wish to share with you, questions I have no answers to… or unusual answers. Together, we aim to find the key element that could solve a communication issue in any business venture. For one company, it may be product advertising, for another – advertising the image of a member of the team, or a better public image. The element of surprise is ever-present: no single customer is the same and all projects have a critical point- when you know you’re on the verge of having that genius idea. And genius ideas come long after you’re done with the brainstorming, extensions and comfort zone. Lucky we have patience supplies (and candy). There’s also an easy side to the process: clients we work with are more like ‘lab partners’: terribly daring and capable ones, and when you have good chemistry, results might as well be Nobel prize-worthy. Comm’ ON – be visible