GUEST POST – Our first intern

I always heard advice such as: `You must do what you like`. `You must have professional experience`. A lot of `musts` were ringing in my ear almost every morning, or at night, before getting into bed…tons of plans, must-do`s, until I went: `U know what? I don’t care! It’s time to do it for my own! `


I am and always have been an active person, I love challenges, i am curious, I like being told where I go wrong, but, up to now, all these energies were channeled towards the more academic area, towards University. Why? Because it had become my comfort zone. After to student-exchange experiences, I started to realize it was all about one thing: practice, practice is the thing that completes, naturally, any experience in theory.


I really wished to walk in a PR’s shows, minutely understand what this job is all about. I searched, I found, I applied, and, finally… my wish came true! On July 13, I started my internship with Comm’On Branding Lab and… Even though I had no experience in the field, the girls showed me so much patience, that I felt right at home, at ease. And slowly, little by little, I understood what I had to do, how to help the team out. Daily, I got to do new things: messages, posts, strategies, sweets, coffee, interviews, pictures, jokes, editorials, birthdays, e-mails, events, ideas, stories… and the list could go on and on.


What I learned during my internship is that a PR who knows his job stays sincere, honest. He is extremely thorough, emphasizes the details in the media coverage, campaigns, he makes a project his own universe… but not a parallel one J Rather an universe full of creativity! He will always pay attention to what the public says, and, according to that, he will decide what details to outline, but, at the same time, he or she will keep being grounded, that well-defined characteristic that makes him or her lovable.

The Comm’ ON PR girls look you in the eye and tell you, without hesitating: ”Look, this is the way thing are…”. To me, an aspiring PR, they are role models, worthy looking up to!


The outcome, you ask? Well, I currently not only gained professional experience, but also personal one: I found a bunch of cool, generous, motivated… and motivating friends. I had neglected my artistic side, but they shook me up, and got me to…Comm’ON!



Yours truly,


Andreea-Ștefania Sîrbu, Comm’On intern