Fashion PR is a full-time job

Fashion PR may seem like child’s play from afar. Glamorous events, latest designer collections, all kinds of products to be tested first. We’re sorry to disappoint you, but it’s not like that really! Although large fashion houses such as Chanel, Dior, etc., have their own branding and PR teams, things are different for small designers. They must make themselves seen by opting for large, consumer-oriented campaigns, and not other companies that may sell their collections.

The duty of a true Fashion PR is to understand what the designer is trying to convey through his creations and to place him in the appropriate area, whether we refer to a luxury brand or an affordable fashion line brand. Speaking in marketing terms, it’s all about targeting and product placement.

A good relationship with the press is a plus for small PRs who must use this means to bring customers at the forefront. On the other hand, it’s very important to discover brand ambassadors who can shine their notoriety onto the brand. Their image must go perfectly with the designer’s concept, and with what each of his products conveys.

Organizing promotional events or showing collections must bring together, first and foremost, true fashion and art lovers, people interested in new trends in the fashion world, who can later become, if they liked what they saw, the `mouthpiece` of the brand that’s just starting up. An article, a post, a tweet from fashion bloggers, fashion critics or other designers can be at any time the breaking-point of a successful collection.

But be careful when communicating on Social Media channels, it can bring you new customers or it can drive them away, that’s why you must monitor the content you offer: it must be of quality!

Managing the relationship with other people coming into contact with the fashion client is another ability the fashion PR must have. Besides his capacity of managing crisis situations. It’s not so easy to hold back a client of a clientJ, who’s not satisfied, or abide by a product delivery deadline. But this can be solved with a pinch of organizational skills and a dash of patience!

Many a time, our PR specialist theory came into conflict with the artistic image of a fashion creator/owner. Because, we all know, a PR is usually realistic among creative campaigns, which is not always the case for a creative person, wandering through realityJ. A PR too has access to magical worlds, and his tricks often times go beyond imagination ;).

Beyond the jokes, we must take into account that the Fashion PR job is based on the history of fashion, art, and personalities in the industry. And, instead of making a list of all qualities of a successful fashion PR, we invite you to visit our Comm-ON official Facebook page, where you can discover the latest fashion events our team took part in.