Etiquette And Good Manners In PR

Good manners can’t hurt. The lack thereof can!

Working in PR, you deal with all types of people, but rules for communication are the same for everybody. Although sometimes you meet people that just brighten up your day through their way of being, other times you have to deal with people that drain all your energy and force you to keep calm and effectively make use of what your parents taught you. In order to become a successful PR, you need a set of values and principles to guide your whole activity. And also that ‘it comes natural’, cause it’s more difficult to train your personality. And if you strive for success, a flexible and sympathetic personality is like a `must have`… One must understand the client even when he makes a mistake, right ? Take your personal principles into account, but make sure they don’t affect relationships with your peers. We go even further with grandma’s advice: be careful with that first impression, it really matters! And since we brought up words, we’ll let you in with a little secret: when just 7% of the first impressions are actually based on words, the fact you have your words handy or you consider yourself to be or actually are a master in the art of conversation, it is NOT enough! You need a pleasant attitude and a behavior supporting your agreeable speech. Good manners are vital for keeping and developing relationships. A PR’s behavior and attitude are his etiquette. The way in which you react in certain key moments defines your image in the eyes of your conversation partner. Smiling is a door-opener, don’t be afraid to use it as often as possible, and also ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ mustn’t be omitted from your business card. Another crucial etiquette aspect is a good relationship management. Even once you (hopefully, successfully:) completed the collaboration with certain partners, keeping in contact with them, your continuous interest towards them is an additional proof of being professional, which could generate, besides from good reputation, a recommendation to other potential clients. Another proof of decency and parents’ education is abiding by the golden rule of communication: listen carefully and let the other person finish. We may add: listen actively, show interest, but also don’t give away too much professional advice before signing the contract! Create a serious image for yourself, so that your customer knows that he may confidently ask for your services and get what he expects. Or make yourself look playful, interesting, so that they ask about you, if you’re really ‘like that’ ;)! Create anything you want, as long as you get POSITIVE feedback and further recommendations! In the end, that’s the final result of your work etiquette.