Why care about Social Responsibility?

We often hear of CSR campaigns that have an important impact on our society, but also on the initiating company`s business. I believe we each ask ourselves about the secrets of a successful CSR campaign, how to come up with campaigns that produce real changes in society and also generate the most visibility, and why not, profit, for the initiators. And by profit we don’t mean just money. There can be several benefits, depending on the company’s scope and , of course, the imagination of those orchestrating these campaigns.
The most important thing is, without a doubt, identifying real needs and concrete solutions, which are measurable and applicable on the spot, so they may generate the desired changes. In other words, 99% must be doing good deeds around you through one of these campaigns, and 1% to look for profit or any kind of benefits. And whoever says that 1% is little, probably thinks in terms of quantity, and not of quality, the latter on which you can rely for a long-run project. CSR campaigns and at the same time, the good done in your activity will always be transposed in long-term gains.
CSR campaigns must be thoroughly planned. The link between the company profile and the issue dealt with is vital. We can’t all save hunchback whales of penguins in Antarctica, not because they’re not worth saving, but because we wouldn’t be believable, and our campaign would have no impact if our link with the poor creatures would be at most a hobby. And, pay attention, now it’s the time to make the distinction between donations, philanthropy and CSR campaigns. As opposed to the first two, where you can get involved no matter the activity scope you and your business are `attached` to, CSR actions have long-term effects and they need to be connected to a believable concept, which your expertise would make sustainable.
Our favorite CSR campaign of 2015 is, surprisingly enough, a campaign we ourselves run, after an initiative from Adi Hădean which we are proud to promote. The association which he coordinates announced the opening, in the fall, of a Chef School, in partnership with a Cluj-based university. The objective is culinary education and the chance offered to young people who have a passion for this domain, but with no financial means, to start a career. It’s an important project which, beyond the help provided for talented youth, has a long-term goal of educating a professional segment and raising competency standards in the area Adi Hădean is a master in, gastronomy.
This is a well-implemented CSR objective, which aims to reach higher and higher quality, productivity and competitiveness standards, while generating qualified human resources, by continuing the school training every year and extending it to other areas. And, not lastly, it is a project which ensures brand image and reputation, by continuing the series of projects connecting Adi Hădean to actions meant to change concepts and behaviors, benefitting society.
Therefore, we invite you to support this campaign not only for its potential, but also or the accounted-for objective of changing lives, cultivating talent and passion, bringing up values. We invite you to distribute the information so that it reaches destinations it can provide help to, and, should you wish more information on the campaign and financial means of helping, we invite you to read more here.