Cum a fost la Brand Minds 2017

Despre cum a fost la Brand Minds, am să vă povestesc foarte pe scurt, pentru că știm bine, ”ain’t nobody got time fo’ reading these days!”.

Dar mi-aș dori, totuși, să rămâneți cu ceva util după ce ați scanat textul următor, așa că voi enumera trei, cele mai importante lucruri, cu care am rămas după Brand Minds.

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Successful PR-ing

Lately, we keep coming across more and more stories of people finding themselves only when they feel they have something to offer to their peers… When their work becomes more valuable than the limited aura of a task or activity field and starts yielding tangible effects for those around, for the community in general….

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When you open your Christmas Gifts throughout the year

It’s December, and although there is no snow covering the streets yet, if we look over our shoulders, we may notice a few lovely steps we took with our clients this year.

We can surely say their evolution and achievements are the presents they gave us for Christmas, but which we opened early, all throughout the year. Each of their successes was for us a true reason to celebrate, for that we would delight in sharing it with you, our readers.

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The Power of ‘Thank You’

Have you ever wondered about the weight a ‘Thank you’ carries?

Indeed, we are people of communication and we like to weigh our words so that they carry the right weight in the right context.

But back to ‘Thank you’, when does it carry more weight? When you offer it, or when you receive it? Most people think of it as heavy… too heavy to offer. Not us.

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A PR’S GOTTA DO WHAT A PR’S GOTTA DO – Photo shoot trough the eyes of a PR – Version 2

Ruxandra’s Bit

Just another day in the life of a PR. You wake up early, you get ready to go to the office… mails don’t wait,  clients keep calling… what do you know, a regular day for you ! But, you suddenly remember  that today of all days,  you won’t spend the day in front of your laptop, but you’re going to be a model . What that means, you have no idea. Your university professors never taught you how and where to strike a pose. They made you write press releases and fill up whole pages of communication strategies.

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 Andrada’s Bit:

Position, spotlights, camera…shoot!

We had barely changed setting and we came out of the castle, in the sunlight, for the final frames. It was 5:30 p.m.

”What great lighting for photos! It matters so much to have good lighting.”, I exclaimed.

”Because that’s what photography is all about.”, Ionuț Mocan, professional photographer for Les Imaginaires.

”What do you mean?”

”Photo means lighting and graph/graphic to draw. Therefore photography is nothing more than drawing with light.

I don’t know if I had ever heard a more beautiful and expressive definition, visually speaking.

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GUEST POST – Our first intern

I always heard advice such as: `You must do what you like`. `You must have professional experience`. A lot of `musts` were ringing in my ear almost every morning, or at night, before getting into bed…tons of plans, must-do`s, until I went: `U know what? I don’t care! It’s time to do it for my own! `

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PR summer mood:


You think you are the only one who hasn’t got the „on vacation” status on…every „living” SM account? Wrong!

It’s summer. Yey! Everybody has the mambo-jumbo-smiley-faces-all-sunny-and-new-holiday-is-coming-or-going-on-for-the-next-weeks face. Yes, we know, we are the ones who invented it :)!

Actually, we are the ones who make sure your business or personal image doesn’t rest when you rest. We keep them going and grow them while you disconnect your mobile devices.

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Crisis-style PR, the best briefing for your customers.

And the best way to read your colleagues

A confidential-information e-mail reaching journalists` inboxes, a negative video on the company becoming viral on social networks, or the client making an inappropriate statement at the wrong time, all this can become a PR-crisis situation. It is true, some at a smaller scale, but if they are not identified and solved in due time, they may led to serious loss of credibility. They are all crisis situations, and any organization is vulnerable to them.

But let’s start from the beginning.

What is a PR crisis? Any situation that is a threat to the company and may negatively impact its reputation.

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Why care about Social Responsibility?

We often hear of CSR campaigns that have an important impact on our society, but also on the initiating company`s business. I believe we each ask ourselves about the secrets of a successful CSR campaign, how to come up with campaigns that produce real changes in society and also generate the most visibility, and why not, profit, for the initiators. And by profit we don’t mean just money.  There can be several benefits, depending on the company’s scope and , of course, the imagination of those orchestrating these campaigns.

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When Does PR Make a Difference?

When you’re exhausted. When you feel overwhelmed and have no more time for press releases, when media partners delay your collaboration agreements, when suppliers are too much and when you stop and see there’s no time to run your business. It’s then you often start to use a PR or a professional public image company. Perhaps that shouldn’t be the case and from the very beginning, PR ought to be included in the plan. But this is the way it happens in our country, or at least with young entrepreneurs who think they can do so much with a small initial budget, and not only.

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What a PR Does NOT Do…

 Well, in most cases. Because he’s always on the go, he can’t sit and have a coffee with friends, and be like a normal person, out on a sunny terrace, since he talks fast and it’s incomprehensive for those around, because to him, a deadline is the mother of all apocalypses and his eyes are always on the tablet or laptop, writing away and trying to persuade, via his earphones, an undecided client that he should do this and not that, so that he gets better traffic and his products get sold… so, to those around him, he’s not well 😉

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Lobby & Advocacy. What we know about it…

These days, everyone is lobbying for anything and anywhere, so your inbox fills up so fast that you have no idea where and when these campaigns come from. One thing’s for sure: most people manage to gain notoriety for their cause in that manner. But the things we know about the two terms and how they apply in Romania could easily fit in a one-page Word file. However, I’m pretty sure a lot of you perform lobby & advocacy for several companies, public persons and NGOs without knowing the framework your projects and campaigns fit into.

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Etiquette And Good Manners In PR

Working in PR, you deal with all types of people, but rules for communication are the same for everybody. Although sometimes you meet people that just brighten up your day through their way of being, other times you have to deal with people that drain all your energy and force you to keep calm and effectively make use of what your parents taught you.

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Fashion  PR is a full-time job

Fashion PR may seem like child’s play from afar. Glamorous events, latest designer collections, all kinds of products to be tested first. We’re sorry to disappoint you, but it’s not like that really! Although large fashion houses such as Chanel, Dior, etc., have their own branding and PR teams, things are different for small designers

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