A PR’s gotta do what a PR’s gotta do



Just another day in the life of a PR. You wake up early, you get ready to go to the office… mails don’t wait,  clients keep calling… what do you know, a regular day for you ! But, you suddenly remember  that today of all days,  you won’t spend the day in front of your laptop, but you’re going to be a model . What that means, you have no idea. Your university professors never taught you how and where to strike a pose. They made you write press releases and fill up whole pages of communication strategies.


I quickly bypass these existential dilemmas. I have no time to consider whether I had ever considered being a model. The stylists and make-up artist are waiting for me at the beauty parlor, where  I am greeted by a strong coffee . Otherwise you can’t get through a day that appears to be a long one.  The thinking, concept part starts. What the attire looks like, what is our designer’s vision,  who is  quietly sitting next to us, while the lovely girls of Catwalk by Ramona Mîndru are buzzing around like busy bees. They know what a photo shoot means and the definition of the world `perfection`. Oh, I almost forgot! I didn’t introduce you to the talented Nadine. Her collection, `Get Me Married,  Mom!` won our special award at this year’s UAD Gala. She impressed us with her approach of textures  and the traditional concept that started from the  Găina Mountain folk traditions. I hadn’t met Nadine in real life, but when she approached my chair in the beauty parlor, I met a warm gaze and a pair of blue eyes that you quickly find yourself lost in. Not to mention her smile which reassured me that no matter what happens at the photo-shoot, the result will  be  fabulous, because together we are a team and we wouldn’t let the project fail.

Bypassing the whole commotion with hair and mak
e-up, which, by the way, turned out amazing, we had to hurry up and pick up the flowers which we were about to use for the photo session.  Phones kept ringing and things kept popping onto our to-do lists. We got  into the car gushing about how thrilled we were about our make-over and we were on our way to Casa cu Flori,  the House of Flowers, on the Eroilor
Boulevard. The girls were waiting for us in front of the flower shop with a fairy tale-like basket ,  in autumn colors and tastefully accessorized, of wood. The piece de resistance  was the bride’s bouquet  which I insisted on keeping, because of its beauty that I can only show to you in pictures. And not even those cannot convey the scent of freesia they emanated.

All fine and dandy, but what do we wear? We ran to Nadine’s place, where we picked up the clothing we were to wear for the shooting and we made our way to Banffy Castle, in Bonțida.  Although very cheerful and set on making this a day to remember, emotions  and questions on what was about to happen were starting to get the best of us. And how no beautiful story starts without a small anecdote, we had a bit of a hard time when we got to the location. What can’t a PR solve with a single phone call and a beautiful , wide smile? That’s our job, right? J

Well, we are all gathered, we have photographers, we have the models, location, designer, flowers and outfits. I managed to forget I was there more as a model than a PR. We had to ensure everything was going by the book and nothing was missing for a perfect portfolio. Our photographers, Les Imaginaires, managed to tear away any anxiety.  It all seemed so natural that the fact I had never posed for anyone was of no relevance. The superb castle lighting made a story of each frame.

preview-LI-1-6I was out my home at 08:00 a.m. And we took the last shot at 5:30 p.m. All the shooting went away like a breeze. There was a day when not even exhaustion or hunger could not ruin the well-being that day created for us.

The conclusion is simple: I would never give up my PR job, because I love what I do , but I would  never again turn down another offer to model. A day out of a fairy tale, during a regular but busy PR week.

As for the result, you can see for yourselves below. You would have never guessed that neither of us were models, right? It’s all about an amazing team having your back !